Laborynthias Mission is to inspire.

To attract. To arouse. To inform. To disrupt. To uncover. To unveil. To revolt.

We invite you to discover our creations. If you like what you smell, then we could even take things one step further. Because we decided to open up for collaborations. For building a community. For sharing. We want to bring the process of fragrance creation one step closer to you.

We want to empower: YOU.

Laborynthia is an invitation to participate. To learn. To discuss. To dream. We want you to take part in this magic and mysterious journey. Come and join one of our workshops and make your own fragrance. Learn about analyzing, smelling and evaluating ingredients; discover the magic of raw materials. Learn how we organize our formulas, develop recipes, dive into the mystery of dissolving, compounding, macerating and fixing. Learn how to extract and conserve smells. Get in touch with us to ask us questions, write us to sign up for our newsletter and get announcements for upcoming events. Let us know what you are interested in, and drop us a line if you'd like to know more. We are waiting for you. Don't be shy.


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